Bloodthirsty Zionists attacking Gazza

Israel is back to what it does best: massacring innocent civilians. This time they’re attacking the Gazza people who have been blockaded and prevented from getting food and medicine for the last few months (let’s not forget the complicity of the world and Egypt in particular). the people of planet earth have to finally wake up to the reality in front of all of us; the liars and monstrous bloodthirsty zionist are anti-Humans. today it’s the Gazzans, yesterday it was the Lebanese, and so on and so forth.. Next it’s going to be you. The minute you stop giving in to their rackets it will be your turn. You’re not being killed like the Gazzans are today because they own you. You’re already their slave. You pay taxes and ‘bailouts’ and grants, all to their coffers. the minute you even think of stopping this theft of your hard earned money you will be slaughtered.

Israel says Gaza incursion to go on

Israel launches attack on Gaza, kills 210

Hamas Press Conference After Israeli Attacks On Gaza

Bush Winks at Israel’s Slaughter in Gaza, While Obama and Clinton Are Silent

Video: israel targets Children

Hypocrit Obama showing his true warmongering face

225 dead Over 700 Also Wounded as Barak Vows to Expand Operation “As Necessary”

Mass murderers expect your support and understanding

Help the Palestinians of Gazza


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