Caroline K.

K as in Kennedy wants a job as Senator. But she is not living up to the courage of her father who did not hesitate to confront the true enemies of the young USA. JFK recognised the same enemies who were previously mentioned by Jefferson, Franklin, and Jackson. The same enemies who ended up killing him five months after executive order 11110. Check this video

Caroline K. says that the 911 lie and her ‘work’ for Obama’s presidential campaign have shaped her decision to be considered as a candidate to replace Hitlery Clinton as the next senator of the state of NY. By so doing she is answering the call to service issued by her father.

So what experience does she bring? Well I stated above that she ‘worked’ for Obama’s campaign. And she saw three buildings crumble after being hit by two airplanes and she can’t forget how awful these terrorists were back in 09/11/2001. One more ingredient that qualifies her for the post of Senator is a ‘spirit’ that she inherited from her father.

“Many people remember that spirit that President Kennedy summoned forth,” she said. “Many people look to me as somebody who embodies that sense of possibility. I’m not saying that I am anything like him, I’m just saying there’s a spirit that I think I’ve grown up with that is something that means a tremendous amount to me.”

Oh! and she promises to work twice as hard. Twice as a few minutes that these guys actually work is just twice those few minutes, but at least that’s twice so don’t you forget that. OK. She ‘worked’ for Obamas campaign remember that too. She has held a job, that required her to appear a couple of times at some rallies. She worked. Now with the promise of working twice as hard and imbued by her father’s spirit to occupy a post of Senator she is ready to start her new job. The gull of these ignorant fools who doubt her qualifications. She is mingling with the folks she’s going to ‘serve’. She’s eating sandwiches in Manhattan’s restaurants. Why am I jealous? Oh I’m not. I’ll just learn from this story and advise young folks to keep work to a minimum, preferably never, or appear at some campaign rallies of a famous politician, if they wish to occupy some political ‘elected’ office such as senator of the state they reside in. Don’t forget, give the trailing media whores interviews, and let them follow you as you go to have a sandwich at a local restaurant. That’s the formula to become a senator for example. I have been a loser my whole life. I have always thought that I had to actually get up to go to work in order to feed my family. I wish someone would have given me a good advice on how to become a senator in the US. Well I am doing a favor to the next generation of Americans. Follow the recipe I have described in this article.

I don’t think she has a clue. She is either clueless or a complete sellout of her father’s legacy. But nonetheless she is using his name to get what she wants. She knows that all she has to do to get the job is kiss the collective ass of the zionist owners of the USA. A far cry of the spirit her father was trying to “summon forth”.


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